Our Story

Seth has been building saunas since the 1990s. His parents brought him up working in their two-person shop and taught him the skills needed to build a life he could be proud of. While building circular staircases and barrel saunas for his dad’s small business, “Superior Cooperage,” he met his future wife, Bonnie. They dated through high school and college, marrying after Seth earned a degree in outdoor powered recreational vehicle repair at the local technical school and started working at a marine and snowmobile dealership. After a few years, Seth decided that it was time to return to woodworking. Another few years passed while his dad taught him the value of quality workmanship before he was certain woodworking was the direction he wanted to go in life.

In addition to his passion for woodworking, Seth maintained his old hobbies, which include biking, camping, and anything on the water. Having their son, Anthony, in 2002 did not stop them from enjoying life outdoors. As a family, they canoed from Itasca to Little Falls twice, biked often, camped all over the great state of Minnesota, and spent a lot of time up north near Voyageurs National Park. Seth later earned his private pilot’s certificate and with bicycles and a tent the adventures continue.

It was in 2005 that Seth decided to venture out on his own and begin working independently under the name RW Saunas.

At RW Saunas, he maintains the original company structure as a small family owned and operated business now located in Royalton, Minnesota. Since the formation of the company his primary focus has been, and continues to be, producing handmade saunas and offering high quality sauna accessories.

Realizing that clients want both an excellent product and on-time, professional delivery he maintains standards like his “one build at a time” policy in his two-man shop. This allows for greater attention to detail, an aspect he takes into high regard, as well as increased communication with the customer.

"I've been working with wood my entire life, spending my early days working in my fathers shop." - Seth Rozycki

Throughout the years he’s made adjustments to improve the product and add increased value for his customers. Since operations began, he’s upgraded equipment making it possible to implement improved design ideas and produce an even better final product. He’s researched and sought-after new sources for improved base materials, allowing for increased structural strength and beauty. He redesigned the wood fired heater, using rust resistant stainless steel and added an ash pan and heavy-duty grates. He also modified the sauna door to allow for a better seal, keeping more of the heat inside the sauna. Yet another improvement is the sloped floor which allows water to flow to the central drain.

Today he maintains a reputation built on integrity, professionalism, and timeliness: a reputation with a strong foundation rooted in equal-parts customer service and attention to quality craftsmanship. Whether building a barrel sauna for a couple a few hundred miles away in Northern Minnesota or for a family a few thousand miles overseas in Holland, he always builds them with the same quality workmanship his father taught him.

Customer Testimonials

RW Saunas Barrel Sauna

We enjoyed our first sauna session last night. We are very pleased with our Rozycki Woodworks Sauna. You did a wonderful job for us. Thanks very much and Happy Holidays.

— Hector & Loreta, Holcombe, Wisconsin

We finally were able to go up a couple of weekends ago for 4 days to fire up our sauna and just love it! You can use me anytime for a reference. You did a wonderful job and created a lovely piece of functional art! Thanks again,

— Chris, Jefferson, Colorado

Used the new sauna on Friday night. It was better than expected. The quality was great and your delivery was flawless. Thanks,

— Marv, Bruno, Minnesota

Got the sauna yesterday. Looks beautiful. Being a carpenter myself, you do excellent work. We used it last night, and it worked great. Thanks again,

— Dave, Butte, Montana

Installed and have been enjoying your wood burning tube sauna for over six months. Everyone who has used this sauna loves it and your craftsmanship. From lighting the fire to enjoying the sauna is 25 to 30 minutes... as fast as electric (and a whole lot less expensive). Also, the wood burning sauna puts out a more agreeable heat.... Thanks.

— Gerry, Cambria, California

Paul promised he would have my sauna up and running by Christmas and he did it! He was able to complete the electrical this afternoon and we took our first sauna. It was awesome! We are very pleased 🙂 My grandsons were with me for 5 days and we had fun taking "pretend" saunas. Now when they come again, they can experience the real thing. That will be interesting....The "tube" looks great on my deck. I will send photos after Paul does some caulking and removes the plastic. Thank you for building my sauna. It is a dream come true & just in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family. Cheers!

— Debra & Paul, Kalama, Washington

We just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we are enjoying our sauna! Our two college kids were home for a month and spent a countless number of hours with friends in the sauna. We use it several times a week and are sure we picked the right time to buy, as it has been a wonderful way to "escape" to a warmer place in minutes. Your craftsmanship is something to be very proud of; the sauna is beautiful!

Just wanted to know you how much we are enjoying it and thank you for your hard work on our sauna!

— Maureen & John, Golden Valley, Minnesota

RW Saunas Barrel Sauna next to pool

I enjoyed the sauna yesterday… works very nice and looks beautiful…Best Regards and Thanks,

— Gustavo, Cypress, Texas

Thought I'd send some pictures of our installation. It's wonderful and being enjoyed by everyone. When my son living in Ohio saw the photos, he said, "now we have our own little piece of Middle Earth!" I like the curved walkway with stone sides leading to the sauna's door. What would the cost be for 2 more of the wooden backrests. They're very comfortable.

— Gary, Breckenridge, Colorado

RW Saunas Barrel Sauna

We have been enjoying the sauna so much that it is really hard to put into words. I'm going to have to order another one for my home, as I have been missing it too much when we are away from the island. Thanks for the nice work! (Sauna includes 4" x 16" window and wood fired heater - delivery required rolling the sauna several hundred yards through a very wet and muddy woods.)

— Dan, Northern Wisconsin

RW Saunas Barrel Sauna

All went well yesterday with the sauna delivery! I attached some pictures of the unloading process in case others who buy a sauna from you want pictures of how a skid steer equipped with a fork can maneuver it in place. The tractor trailer had a lift gate....so once we forked it forward, both the lift and the fork lowered it to the ground together. Then we took it from the side to move it slowly through the driveway and lawn to its resting spot. The weight was definitely distributed better this way! We sparked up the wood stove last night and had a wonderful first time sweat in our new sauna... it was awesome!!! Your craftsmanship in the construction of the barrel is impressive!! We look forward to many years of enjoyment using it!!!

–Mary, Cold Brook, New York

Not only used the sauna, my wife is addicted to it and has used it every night since installation (and she was initially questioning whether we needed one). In fact, she is already adept at making a "smoke free" fire. As soon as I finish making an arched entrance in front of it (Japanese style), I will send you a picture for your website. Thank you for your artistic efforts in making this unit.  

RW Saunas Barrel Sauna

I don't know how you could make the sauna any better than it is and the wood heater is awesome. We run the sauna for 3 hours on 2 - 3 oak logs. It's amazing. Anne's sauna in Estonia consumes 6 - 8 logs per day. We come out of the sauna, walk down the gangway to the dock, then into the river for a quick cool down (shock treatment), then a few swallows of beer, then back into the sauna. This has become our nightly ritual. We're in & out of the sauna & river 5 to 6 times a night. The neighbors must think we're crazy. Wood heat is the only way to go. We're looking to building it into our deck in the spring time when we re-do the deck. It will be the centerpiece overlooking the bay. Thanks again for the great sauna and have a Happy New Year!

— Ed, Irvine, California

We received the heater from FedEx the following day after your delivery, Saturday. Jari and his friend, Pete – electrician, had it set up and running by Sunday evening. Jari was like a little kid on Christmas and has been loyal to his Sauna, missing only a few days since the delivery! He is a true Sauna Bather and is so pleased with your construction of the barrel. We have truly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you at the State Fair this year. Have a great week.

— Jenna, Golden Valley, Minnesota

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