Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily purchase a sauna by placing a $500 deposit through our shop link or contact us directly.

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All of our handcrafted saunas are environmentally conscious, adaptable to both indoor or outdoor use. Our saunas are not only a beautiful comfort option for your home, but they are an affordable alternative to a sauna room.

With over 25 years of experience, we have made enhancements to our original design such as adding a central drain, curving our floors in both directions so water flows to it, and improving door closing mechanisms. We've also improved the overall ventilation of our saunas.

Our saunas all start with rough sawn lumber straight from the mill and we do the rest. Nothing is completed by another company or in another country.

Seth, the owner, has been building saunas since 1996 and RW Saunas has been in operation since 2005!

  • Stress Relief – A sauna is a quiet place away from the rest of the world. It allows for relaxation and a place to unwind. The heat of the sauna relaxes your muscles, improving circulation and stimulating the release of endorphins (our bodies' natural feel-good chemical).
  • Soothe Muscles and Joints – Endorphins are also a natural pain-relieving chemical and are released under high heat due to increased circulation. This increased endorphin circulation helps speed the healing time of cuts, bruises, and stiffness within knees and other joints.
  • Flush Toxins and Cleanse Skin – The high heat of a sauna stimulates deep sweating, which provides multiple benefits including reduced body levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and other toxins commonly encountered in our environment. Along with reducing toxin levels, deep sweating cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells and allowing new cells to take their place. It rinses bacteria and dirt out of our sweat ducts and pores, improving capillary circulation and giving the skin a soft, beautiful appearance. Sweat itself contains nutrients and minerals that assist in maintaining firmer skin.
  • Fight Illness - Sauna use, when combined with steam, has been known to relieve sinus congestion due to cold or allergies as well as chest congestion and bronchitis. When battling these symptoms or ailments, sitting back and breathing deeply in a sauna often provides measurable relief.

Our saunas offer space for 4-6 people depending on the size specified when ordering. You can learn more about styling options and pricing on our Shop page.

We offer two types of heaters for your sauna: electric or wood fired. The wood fired heater supplied with your barrel sauna is loaded and controlled on the outside rear of your sauna. Having the heater outside keeps the interior of your sauna free from ashes and smoke. Both wood or electric heated saunas come with sauna rocks, allowing the bather to add water and create steam. Each heater will take about 30 minutes to reach operating temperature, even during our Minnesota winters!

We will personally deliver your fully assembled sauna, unload, and move it to your level site. For this service we charge $3.00 per loaded mile from our shop in Royalton MN. Once at your home, we will unload and help move your sauna to its final location, within reason. Steep slopes, fences, steps, tight spaces, etc. may require additional equipment and cost to deliver.

In the past we have personally delivered to Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Tennessee, Colorado, Michigan, and of course Minnesota. For those who live in states outside our personal delivery area, we use a trucking service which has shipped our saunas to 49 states and even Holland!

Nothing! Your custom barrel sauna will be delivered and comes fully assembled.

Our saunas come with a waterproof light which requires 110 volts, and if you choose an electric heater you will also need 220 volt power.

We do not wire the saunas on site. You, as the homeowner, are responsible for wiring your sauna.

Electric power is not required for all sauna models! While the interior light and electric heater options require electricity, many of our customers enjoy their sauna with a wood stove and candlelight!

While re-staining is not strictly necessary, it is recommended, as it will lengthen the life of your sauna. We suggest applying a fresh coat of stain every couple of years, depending on how much sun your sauna receives. Our products come pre-stained with a Cabot brand product, but we are happy to use another brand if you would like to match your cabin or deck.

If you are planning to move we are happy to relocated your sauna with you. We have moved quite a few saunas to new locations!

Yes! Both the wood fired and the electric sauna heaters can be used as traditional steam saunas. This means you can pour water on the rocks to create rolling waves of steam.

Complex landscaping is not required to enjoy your sauna! We simply recommend placing your sauna off the ground on a level base. A small gravel base is all that’s necessary to drain water away from the cradles. Patio stones, a wood deck, or even a cement base also work wonderfully; as long as your sauna is located off the moisture of the soil.

Our saunas do not require plumbing for outdoor use! We place a small drain in the center of the sauna allowing water to drain through onto the ground. Contact us if you plan to use your sauna indoors.

While every home is different, most saunas can be located quite close to your home. For your safety, we always recommend proper installation and use of heaters based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Most insurance companies recommend that wood-fired saunas be 40 feet or more from an insured structure.

Your sauna should be ready for use after about 30 minutes, even in sub-zero temperatures! Speed and heat output varies by external temperature and heater type.

None of our barrel saunas have rolled away yet! We provide wooden cradles that support the sauna and prevent it from moving or rolling.

Your sauna does not need to be under an awning. Our saunas are built to last and made to be outside as their own shelter.

As long as you own your sauna, you can enjoy that aromatic cedarwood smell.

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