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Octa 144 
Octa 144

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Octa Series- Octagonal in shape, made to stand on the floor and include 132 pounds of vulcanite sauna rock!  The Octa 144 is a 14.4 Kilowatt 240 Volt heater for a sauna room of 630 to 950 cubic feet.

These heaters require a HSC or Digi Control and Contactor be purchased separately.
HSC Controls Explained-

  • The HSC-9 has a thermostat, up to 9 hour time delay then 1 hour on and a light switch.
  • The HSC-60 is same except instead of 9 hour delay and 1 hour on it has a 60 minute timer.
  • HSC-Club has the same thermostat and light switch however it has an on/off switch for continuous use and is to be used in commercial saunas having an attendant on duty.

Optional Digital Controls

  • Digi I Sleek Digital Control with an on/off, digital readout of time and temperature.  
  • Digi II Includes an on/off, 24 hour programmable time and temperature, digital readout of time and temperature, 4 user presets.
  • Digi VII (9201-434) has the same features as the Digi II and includes a 7 day programmable time and temperature feature. 
  • Digi VII (9201-435) Similar to the Digi II but is only for commercial saunas with an attendant on duty and includes a 7 day programmable time and temperature display with digital readout.  Audible Hi-Temp alarm.

Digi I and VII controls are Low voltage and can be flush or surface mounted.

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